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Prudential Senior Financial Consultant

The smartest people in the world are the ones who realise that everyone has something useful to teach them.

To me, the job of a Financial Consultant is always learning, sharing, educating and helping my clients plan better.

Financial Planning is important because thats when you'll know how precious it is when the train hits.

In case no one said this to you today: You are doing your best and you are going to be okay.

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what my clients say about me

Excellent, Joey will always update when there's news or promotion on products. She will also answer all my enquiries about products and advise according to my needs. Joey is a professional Financial Consultant who caters to my age group and will go the extra mile to find out which plan is suitable for me and my financial needs. I trust Joey as my insurance agent and brought few plans from her as well as convert my hospital plan over to her. I am ensured that my future is covered and felt safe when unexpected incidents happen. I often refer my friends to her and they are satisfied with her. There's also Christmas and birthday cards mailed to me. Joey makes me felt like I'm not forgotten.

Kar Hui

go the extra mile

White Marble Luxury Testimonial Facebook Post.png
White Marble Luxury Testimonial Facebook Post.png
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